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Whether you just moved in and are looking to remodel and explore your home's full landscape and design potential, or have been in your home for years and finally have decided to bring a more mature and full version of your home to light, we can help here at Kalyx Green.

Our work and our philosophy on design blend as one - we know that no two homes live and entertain in quite the same way.

From the flowers and colors that will combine to showcase your home best from one season to the next, to the design elements and structures that will lend maximum value and beauty to your space, we deliver it all with a seamless vision that quite literally grows from the ground up.

In fact, we like to think that our roots as landscape architects and designers enables us to bring a unique slant to every aspect of our work. From understanding how the play of natural light should enter a remodeled kitchen, planning the best orientation and design of a pool house, right down to what plants and shrubs should go where on your property for year-round enjoyment and privacy where needed.

Have a project you'd like to discuss? Feel free to give us a call at (301) 299-7070.


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