Our Process:

Any type of construction, no matter how big and or extensive it might be, always carries and accompanies certain amount of anxiety and uncertainty for the clients and homeowners.

After 20 years of working on different types of projects at Kalyx design/build we have developed a process which takes all the stress and uncertainty out of the equation and replaces them with certainty, happiness, and successful outcome throughout the process of building your dream.
We call that 1+1=cheers

Team Approach

We are your team, and you become an official member of our team throughout the process.
All the decisions about the project will be made in conjunction with you and with complete input from you, after all it is your dream.


1-Evaluate your project scope, your needs, wants, and your wishes.
2-Assess your budget for the project.
3-Sign project development/Architectural contract.
4-Propose an initial project overview and estimated raw cost.
5-Upon acceptance, start a complete site analysis and initial conceptual drawing.
6-Review the conceptual drawings, select material, and finishes and finalize the concept.
7-Start the architectural and Engineering work.
8-Review the final work, finalize the build budget, assign allowances, and sign construction contract.
9-Submit and obtain permits.
10-Commence the construction.

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